Meet here where you are what you want and you want what you are and everything falls away into radiant emptiness.

- Adyashanti

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meditative healing arts center Bohemian Art Loft
Meditative and Healing Arts at The Loft
Meditative and Healing Arts at The Bohemian Art Loft
The Center for Meditative and Healing Arts
is located in Redding, California at 3304B Bechelli Lane

About Meditation

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years.  Originally and still to this day, meditation is a tool to help deepen understaning of one's self, spirituality, and life forces in general.  These days, meditation is more commonly practiced for relaxation and stress reduction, aiding in clearing away the information overload that builds up every day, contibuting to stress.

Meditation is an umbrella term for the many ways to a relaxed state of being.  There are many types of meditation and relaxation techniques which have meditative components.  All share the same goal of achieving inner peace.

Types of Meditation can include:
  • Yoga
  • Qi Gong
  • T’ai Chi
  • Meditation
    • Transcendental
    • Mantra Meditation
    • Mindfulness Meditation
    • Guided Meditation
  • Meditation Dance.

Benefits of Meditation
Meditation promotes a sense of calm, peace, and balance that results in both emotional and overall well-being and health.

Emotional Benefits
  • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations
  • Building skills to manage stress
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Focusing on the present
  • Reducing negative emotions
Meditation and Illness.  Meditation also might be useful if you have a medical condition, especially one that may be worsened by stress. Research suggests that meditation may help such conditions as:

                Anxiety disorders            Heart disease
                Asthma                          High blood pressure
                Binge eating                   Pain
                Cancer                           Sleep problems
                Depression                     Substance abuse

The Mayo Clinic lists meditation as number 2 in their "top 10 picks to tame stress".

The Meditative and Healing Art Center at The Bohemian Art Loft offers the following classes:

For Adults/Teens
  • Hatha Yoga - Gentle Stretching
  • Qi Gong and Qi Gong Healing
  • Meditation Dance (Qi Gong Fan Dance)
  • Dance for Disabled Persons
  • T'ai Chi for Health
  • T'ai Chi Sword
For Children, our classes are designed specifically for kids, using play, age-appropriate exercises and activities, encouraging self-expression, curiosity, exploration, and discovery:
  • Yoga Kids
  • T'ai Chi Kids
  • T'ai Chi Sword Kids
  • Dance Kids
The Center also offers Facial/Head Acupressure Massage
Individual Meditation Guidance is also available by appointment - call 229-7818
See our Class Schedule for Current Offerings
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The Bohemian Art Loft offers a particularly beautiful and tranquil setting for learning and practicing the meditative arts, uniquely suited to facilitating attainment of peace.

Director, Nadia Hava-Robbins, MA holds a masters degree in counseling and guidance.  A life-long dancer, she has practiced and taught the meditative arts for over 40 years.  She draws inspiration from Adyashanti about the meditative and healing arts in general, from Richard Hittleman concerning Yoga, Terrence Webster-Doyle for his insights into the martial arts, and Terence Dunn, Shou-Yu Liang, and Wen-Ching Wu regarding T’ai Chi.  She is certified as a level I instructor by the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association.  Her guidance has a clear message:  “Meditative Arts are a way of life.”

The Meditative and Healing Arts Center is located in northern California at
The Bohemian Art Loft
3304B Bechelli Lane
Redding, CA 96003
Copyright 2011 Nadia Hava-Robbins, MA